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A Magical Thinker

Michael graduated from Midland Lutheran College in 1990 with a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science. While in college he visited a magic shop tucked in the back of a craft store and began his life long journey into a wonder filled world. He began performing magic for friends and Boy Scout functions but soon moved into comedy clubs and television.


Magcian Mike Fisher


 Later he opened his own magic shop called “Magic and Mirth” in Omaha Nebraska where he began to show others how to be amazing and have fun too! In 1994 Mike relocated to New Orleans and spent the next ten years traveling and entertaining in Atlanta, Chicago, and Las Vegas.


  Today Michael lives in Phoenix and has been enjoying the Southwestern life while continuing to amaze and delight audiences. He has given lectures, taught classes and produced DVDs that share the secret of his style of “conversational performing.”

     People have discovered how they can these tools to have fun, share joy and break down barriers; all by using magic tricks and being themselves.

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