Conjuring Concepts


Banquets & Award Presentations

A Synergistic Combination of Close Up and Stand Up


     The magic starts before the company dinner, when Michael interacts with your employees and clients with his award winning sleight of hand magic.   


     It's the perfect icebreaker to get the event rolling. (It’s a great conversation starter that makes spouses and guests of your guests feel included and excited as well!) 



     As soon as dessert is served, the real fun begins as Michael takes the stage presenting his HILARIOUS 30 minute Comedy Magic Show!


     This audience interactive, magical performance is "corporate friendly”, perfect for one and all. This also acts as a super effective way to refocus and energize the audience so that they will be ready to give their full attention to whatever award presentation, keynote speaker, or end of year wrap-up message you wish to convey!

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