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Close up Magic

A Personal Magical Experience  

Gatherings of up to twelve people at a time are given their own personal magical experience as cards, coins, and other small props become amazing in this intimate performance. As they mingle talking about their experience a contagious feeling of fun and excitement spreads throughout the event. 

•Immediately creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement
•Encourages interaction by  providing an amazing topic of discussion
•An amazing personal experience as guests become drawn into the magic 


     Close up magic is completely self contained. It requires no special set-up or stage. Additionally it blends seamlessly with other presentations or functions may be planned. 




 trade show magic

There are many customization options available such as magical give-a-way items, custom scripting to include company branding, etc.  Contact us for more information on how to get the most out of your event entertainment.


     This option can be combined with the "Stand Up" show in an incredible entertainment package. Click here for more information.




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