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Seven Reasons

You Can Be Confident 


Seven Reasons Your Event Will Be a Success!


1. It's Unique. Magic is hot! Look at the television schedule or surf the net and you will see that magic is in the spotlight. Ironically people rarely get a chance to see it live. Your guests will be spellbound as they witness the magic taking place right in front of them!


2. Professional Needs Assessment. An invaluable feature: Every event is not the same. Based on your description of the party we will suggest the perfect entertainment package just for you.


3. Clean Humor. You’ll be thrilled as you hear your guests laugh and see all the smiles during very funny and family friendly presentations. 


4. An Unparalleled Icebreaker. It’s common for attendees to bring a spouse or other guests. Keep them from becoming wallflowers by providing this incredible and entertaining experience.  Afterward they'll be more relaxed and have a great topic of conversation to share. 


5. Audience Participation. Your key executives, employees and guests are the real stars of the show. Participants from the audience are always treated respectfully as they make the magic possible! Seeing friends and associates being amazing makes your event unique and unforgettable.    


6. Audience Approved, Time Tested. How can you be confident that the person you hire is really good? Click on the “Testimonials” link to discover what previous clients have to say.  


7.  Guaranteed Results: If you are not completely satisfied with the show, you won’t pay. It’s a simple money back guarantee that I offer with confidence: Of the thousands of programs presented no one has ever requested their money back. I give you this guarantee so you can feel completely confident in your decision to utilize my services.



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