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That Will Interest Your Visitors 

When is the last time you were entertained and informed at the same time? Have you ever looked forward to attending a business seminar, or actually been excited to tell a friend or colleague about a product demo?


     You may not think those scenarios could be possible but Michael Fisher is the magical presenter that has been making the impossible a reality since 1990.


     The Stand Up show is a hilarious thirty minute stage performance that has audiences laughing out loud and keeps them talking long after the show is over.



•Universal appeal that amazes people of all demographics

•Memories of fun and laughter that last for years to come

•A high energy, corporate friendly comedy magic show


 event entertainment


   The Stand Up show creates the perfect atmosphere by invigorating people and focusing their attention. This is a fantastic way to entice your audience to hear important product information, participate in team building or simply end an event with a bang!


This option can be combined with the "Close Up" package in an inclusive entertainment package. Click here for more information.
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